Monday, April 16, 2012

April 16, 2012 letter

Dear Family,
I`ll be leaving for Merida in about an hour, and then on to Cancun.  We won`t be allowed to see anything in Cancun.  When we get off the bus we go directly to the Missionaries house and aren`t allowed to leave from there.  The next day we wake up early and go directly to the Stake Center, and from there back to Merida.
Today, while in the parking lot of the grocery store I saw a lady that, from behind, looked like a member from Champoton.  As we got closer I realized that it was her.  We stopped and said "hi".  She moved in with her son`s family around the corner from us. 

This week we should be having 4 baptisms.  The couple that have known the missionaries for about 2 months are finally going to get married this week.  There is also the boyfriend of a member and a girl from Chapab. 
I`m glad to hear that Mitt Romney is going to win the Republican vote.  These last  4 years have gone by really fast.  Too bad I won't get to vote for him. 
Over here in Ticul we had some hail.  There was also a lot of rain on Wednesday.  I was in divisions in Muna (about 8 miles away) and we traveled back that night.  It was raining really hard, and we walked to downtown to get the bus.  We got off the bus in Ticul and there was a lot of water in the streets.  We got back to the house completely soaked.  A few minutes later my companion and the other missionary got back to the house.  We got into dry clothes, ate my freeze-dried lasagna (that Mom sent me), and the 4 of us slept in Ticul. 

Don`t forget to take to boat out.  Also, you can use the hose hookup to run the engine a little bit to keep it in good condition.  To rev the engine, push the black circle on the throttle and move the throttle forward at the same time.   That will keep the boat in neutral.  Is the honda 90 still working?
Elder Gubler

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