Monday, September 26, 2011

September 26, 2011 letter

Dear Family,

I´ll explain the water here.  All of the houses have toilets, showers, and sinks.  The difference here is that the water isn`t pressurized.  On top of every house there is a watertank.  When there is enough pressure the water can go up from the ground line into the tank on the roof.  All of the water sources inside the house come from tank.  If there isn`t water in the tank, there isn`t water in the house. There is a ground line and all of the houses have faucets outside that almost always have water.  When there isn`t enough water pressure to fill the tank, we go outside and fill up buckets from the faucet to bathe and flush the toilet.  We just dump the water directly in the toilet to flush and stand in the shower with a bucket to shower.  Some people buy electric water pumps so that they can fill their tank when there isn`t enough pressure.  In Champoton we didn't have any pressure for a few weeks so our tank never filled.  The owner installed a pump, and after that we always had water.  Here in Kanasin, the problem is that there is water in the tank on top, but somewhere along the way the water isn`t making it to the toilet, shower, and sink.  The owner is coming by to check out the pipes.  The houses here don`t have washing machine hookups.  All you need is an outlet and a hose to use your washingmachine.  

We haven`t had any investigatores that are progressing.  We went to a pueblo last week.  There is an extension of our ward in that pueblo (Telchaquillo).  There are a few people that have gone a couple of times.  We have 3 investigatores there right now and there are several more references that we are going to find.  We only go there when there are references.  There is a rule here that we can't use sunglasses.  If I could, I would.  I found a nice pair of polarized glasses for about $20.  They normally start around $100 in the United States.  
Every month the RS president makes a list of families for us to eat with.  I like it a lot better because it gives us some variety.  There is a lady that has a little restaurante in her house.  When a family doesn`t want to cook for us, they pay the lady and she makes us lunch.  It's really good.  We usually get to go with her 4 or 5 times a month.  My companion and I make our own food. All he eats is cereal.  This month I`ve been eating cereal, yogurt, and mandarines.  I`d like to start cooking better breakfasts.  This next month Im going to start waking up 10 minutes early to give me more time.  I can get 2 lbs of bacon for $10 from the store close by.  

We are going to be seeing the Sunday morning session of conference, and if we bring investigatores we can watch the other sessions with them.  Hopefully they have a room to broadcast in English for us.  
I hope everyone had a good time in St. George.  Grandma and Grandpa look pretty good. 

Don`t forget to pay tithing on my birthday money.  And can you put another $200 in my Wells Fargo account.  It's getting low and I don`t want them to close it.  

Elder Gubler

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