Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September 12, 2011 letter

Dear Family,
Elder Abarca goes home first week of October.  He's 21 and is from Morelos, about 2 hours south of Mexico City.  We have been getting tons of investigators.  The people here are a lot more accepting.  We have a baptism planned for Thursday.  We have 1 other investigator that went to church on Sunday, but we`ll see what happens with her.  I haven`t been to any of the English classes yet.  I don´t even know if anybody goes.  I don`t know which other Elders have Costco cards.  Mine doesn`t work here because they have a different system, but they said I can get a guest pass when I come.  There´s a member that took us to Sam`s Club.  I'm still using the magic tricks.  The kids in the ward really like them and are always soliciting.  We have been bathing with buckets since I`ve gotten here.  All of the houses have an outside water source that they can use.  We get about 1500 pesos a month, the equivilant of about $140.  Of that, we can spend 600 for food, 300 in transport, and 600 for cleaning and bathing supplies.  I weighed myself 2 weeks ago.  I'm down to 163, 28 lbs. more than mom.  I was about 188 in the MTC.  The food in Kanasin is a lot better, and my face doesn`t look as thin now.  Sorry I have to go.  We lost a lot of time today.  I`ll send a longer letter next week. 
Elder Gubler

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