Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November 5, 2012 letter

Dear Family,
Go ahead and cancel my Costco card.  I can´t believe that they charge that much.  Here, you can get 4 cards for 600 pesos.   Thank you mom for signing me up for classes.  I´d like to take PD Bio this semester.  Can you see if they offer chem 105 for spring or summer?  I sent some pictures.  The picture with the 3 of us is with me, Elder Velasco, and the Elder he is training right now, so you can see the 3 generations of missionaries.  The new Elder is Elder Hauser from Ohio.  Last week we were at a member´s house.  He is a fire fighter, and he let us dress up in his suit.  He even hooked us  up to the oxygen tank.  The other picture is of me at the birthday party we had 2 weeks ago. The last picture is of me and 2 members from the ward. 
The suit I sent home from the MTC had some holes in the elbows.  Could you possibly get that fixed?

There is a new rule in our mission.  We are no longer allowed to knock doors.  They want us to coordinate more with the members and teach their referals. 

Elder Gubler

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